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S.A.B. Young(Trey Mason) was born in Marion, South Carolina. As a teenager he emerged as an elite lyricist which was rare on the South Carolina hip hop scene.. Actually, it was pretty much nonexistent.. No artist in the Carolina's had embraced his country disposition quite like Sab did... Many artist tried to sound or mimic New York or a more up-northern sound in their music...Sab did the opposite making songs like "Acres" & ""Pinecones" promoting how country he was...but out rapping major artist of that era...


He raised the bar in lyricism and is still credited with influencing all Carolina artist to sharpen their skills and get their bars up. 

S.A.B.'s distinct delivery, clever punch lines, and melodic cadences quickly separated him from the average rapper. It was clear that he had something special and was destined to be legendary in not only SC but the rap game. Gaining fans and more respect every time he spit a verse. Intimidating artist to not want to be embarrassed on a track...signed and unsigned artist had to take notice. So much so that he was rumored to not even be from South Carolina... How could a back woods country boy rap so well with a polished delivery and mastered vocabulary. As time pass many artist elevated their lyrics attributing  


S.A.B. with influencing them to put out quality music. Once the DJs took notice they began contacting S.A.B.  One in particular was DJ b-lord who featured S.A.B. on many of his early 2000 mixtapes.. Soon after he was sought out to be a opening act on major concerts and shows thru out the Carolinas... from T.I. to Lil Boosie to Petey Pablo you name them... Petey Pablo was so impressed that he invited S.A.B. on tour as an opener during his successful Freak-a-leak tour.


Patiently awaiting for his time to arrive, Now.. the long awaited highly anticipated legendary.

S. A. B.  Young!!!!!! Is here!!!!! What the game's been missing!!!






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